Friday, December 30, 2011

Hyundai Car Parts For The World

In January 2011 a team of Hyundai engineers decided to bring to life their company philosophy 'New Thinking New Possibilities'. They set off in a Hyundai iX35, planning to visit different countries around the world by road. At various points in their journey they will utilize parts from the vehicle to make a positive impact. Unplanned, they will set about solving people's everyday problems. By using as many of the car's parts as possible - in unusual and ingenious ways. The Ambition: To bring some sunshine to communities spread far and wide. The first outing sees the team amongst a small community in a remote and inhospitable location in Northern Sweden, 145km inside the Arctic Circle. In winter, the day can be as short as 3 hours, the temperature as low as -50c, and the daily commute cold and and treacherous.

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