Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How to improve your fuel consumption

Actually you can't easily improve your vehicle's fuel consumption, but you can very easily drastically reduce it!

The single biggest factor that effects fuel consumption; reducing it that is; is poor use of the accelerator. Top Gear this weekend raced a Toyota Prius, a hybrid vehicle that is pecieved to achieve much improved levels of fuel consumption compared to conventional vehicles, against a BMW, which isn't. Top Gear stated that they actually achieved a better fuel consumption in the sporty BMW than the Prius!

Surprised? I'm not. Pushing a heavy; small engined; vehicle hard, by using lots of accelerator and brake is the easiest way to achieve very poor fuel consumption.

To get the best possible fuel consumption from your vehicle, use the accelerator and brakes as little as possible. Try to anticipate the traffic conditions ahead, cruise to a stop at lights, junctions and queues. In particular, traffic lights and queues. There is no point rushing up to them and then slamming on the brakes at the last possible moment. You wont get to your destination any faster, and you'll be using a lot more fuel.

For other fuel consumption tips click here.

Check your tyre tread to improve road safety

Check your tyre tread depth to stay safe on the roads this winter. Recent figures issued by the Department of Transport revealed that in 2007, November was the month which saw the highest number of personal injury accidents.

You should check your tyre pressures and tread depths at least once a month to ensure your safety on the wet roads. During October we are supporting Tyre Safety Month by offering FREE tyre checks - in addition, we are offering a FREE lights check at the same time.

Why is tread depth important? When driving in wet weather, the tread pattern of the tyre helps to evacuate water from the contact patch. As the tread wears down, the tyre gradually loses the ability to remove all of the water from the road surface, increasing the risk of aquaplaning. Tread depth also has a significant effect on braking, with performance tests indicating that a vehicle braking in the wet with low tread will require a much longer stopping distance.

Current tread depth legislation requires that car tyres must have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread in a continuous band throughout the central three-quarters of the tread width and over the whole circumference of the tyre. Motorists found to be driving on illegal tyres face a maximum penalty of three penalty points and a fine of up to £2500 per tyre.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

which? test confirms dangers of under inflated tyre pressures

Which? magazine conducted a test to see what effect low tyre pressures had on performance and safety.

For the test they used a Peugeot 308, a typical family hatchback. They deliberately deflated one or more tyres to see what the effect would be.

In every case the 308 used more fuel and its systems, such as anti-lock braking system or ABS, worked less well.

In particular they noticed a significant lose of control when a sideways force was applied to the tyre. For example, when going around corners or making sudden land changes.

We are currently supporting National Tyre Safety month (October) by offering FREE tyre checks.

Sign up to our mailing list and we'll donate 50p to the Thames Valley Air Ambulance

It costs us a lot to send service and MOT reminders by post. We are now in a position to email them to you.

If you do sign up for this service we will donate 50p of our savings to the Thames & Chiltern Air Ambulance service, which does such a good job serving our local community.

Click here to complete a form or send an email to database@platts.co.uk, with your name and vehicle registration number.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We service and MOT Toyotas as well

We heard today that the Toyota dealer in High Wycombe & Slough has sadly ceased trading. The nearest Toyota dealers are now in Aylesbury or Reading.

Why go this far a field when we can service your Toyota locally.

We have access to all the correct service schedules and Toyota genuine parts, so your warranty will not be invalidated or affected in anyway.

We can also MOT any Toyota.

To make a booking call:

  • Marlow - 01628 890101

  • High Wycombe - 01494 479700

  • Or email mot@platts.co.uk.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fords available with DAB radios

The Ford Mondeo, S-Max and Galaxy are now available with digital audio broadcasting (DAB) radio and USB ports to plug in a flash drive 'memory stick' or an audio source such as an iPod.

With DAB radio and USB connectivity, Ford's large cars join the Focus, C-MAX and Kuga ranges which introduced the features earlier this year.

Mondeo, S-Max and Galaxy now come with DAB as standard on Ghia, Titanium, Titanium X and Titanium X Sport trims. On other specs DAB radio is an option.

Markus Pazina, Ford navigation and connectivity engineer, said: “Our latest DAB systems and connectivity options provide Ford customers with digital sound quality from a broad choice of media. We have paid special attention to making the systems simple to operate, so that drivers can access the music they want safely and with a minimum of fuss.”

The Ford Mondeo, S-Max and Galaxy – along the new Ford Fiesta on sale this month – also come with a USB port.Apple iPod and other digital music players can be linked by a special connector, which enables full control of the iPod’s functions using the car’s stereo controls.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't know what your car's tyre pressures should be?

If you don't know what you vehicle's tyre pressures should be, and you're not sure where to find this information, you could visit the website below. Enter your vehicles registration number and you should find the information displayed. And it's FREE.

Tyre Pressures

If you are still struggling, give us a call and we'll look it up for you.

Don't forget, during October we are supporting the National Tyre Safety Month by provicing FREE tyre checks. As an added service, unique to us, we will also check your lights at the same time.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hyundai October New Car Deals

Hyundai Getz 1.1 Gsi 3 door. £6995. SAVE £800 - Was £7795

Hyundai Getz CDX. £8395 SAVE £1250 - Was £9645. £199.99 deposit £199.99 per month over 4 yers APR 9.7%

Hyundai i30 2.0 CRDi Premium. £14995. SAVE £2000 - Was £16995.

Hyundai i30 1.6 CRDi Style. £12995. SAVE £1400 - Was £14395

Hyundai i30 1.6 CRDi Style Estate. £13695. SAVE £1400 - Was £15095

Hyundai i30 1.4 SE £10495 SAVE £1600 - was £12095, £250 deposit £250 per month over 4 years APR 9.4%

Hyundai Coupe TSIII £18895 SAVE £1000 was £19895

Hyundai Sonata 2.0 CRTD CDX £13995 SAVE £4300 was £18295

Hyundai Matrix 1.6 Classic £8495 SAVE £1700 was £10195

Platts Aftersales achieve Ford Auto Team Roll of Honour

The following members of our Ford Aftersales team achieved entry on to the Ford Auto Team Roll of Hour 2008.

Annie Atkins
Brian Shaw
Chris Smith
Dave Rance
Derek Sawyer
Jim Attwood
John Atkinson
Mark Fincham
Nick Howard
Ryan Jones
Tim Butler

Well done.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Correct Tyre Pressures can improve MPG by 3%

Practical experience, gained by participants in the annual MPG marathon, has shown that a car's MPG can be improved by as much as 3% by making sure the tyres are always inflated correctly.

We sell a range of tyre pressure guages to suit every pocket. They make it easy for you to check your cars tyre pressures.

Platts launch 2Good2Trade used cars

What is a Platt’s 2Good2Trade used car?

It is a used car we have bought that is slightly older than we would normally offer to retail customers, but which we think is just to nice to dispose of through the trade (which is what we would have done in the past). It's the sort of car we would quite happily buy for our personal use. We have now decided to offer these vehicles to our customers.

Buying an older used car can be fraught with risk as they are usually well outside the manufacturers warranty, and the seller may be economical with the truth about the vehicles past history and reliability. Especially if it is a private seller.

Take away a lot of the risk by buying a used car from someone you can trust.

All Platts 2Good2Trade used cars come with

1. A multi point Platts mechanical check (including cambelt history investigated if possible).

2. An HPI check. To make sure there is no outstanding finance on the vehicle, and that is hasn't been written off.

3. 12 months MOT.

4. A schedule service (if required i.e. if the service is needed within 2 months of date of sale) otherwise negotiable.

5. Comes with a 12 month mechanical warranty (longer term negotiable at extra cost).

6. Has an exterior wash, a wax, and an interior vacuum (full valet including seat/carpet shampoo negotiable).

7. Has any significant paintwork addressed but some small scratches and dents to be expected (additional repairs negotiable).

Click here to see our current stock.

When it comes to the crunch, do you know your rights?

Here at Platts, we like to think of ourselves as a “One Stop Shop” for all your motoring needs. Our services can be as minor as getting a bulb replaced right through to getting a major bodywork repair carried out.

When it comes to accident damage repairs not everybody is aware of their rights on making an insurance claim, and they can be lead down the route that best suits the insurance company and not necessarily you.

We carry out repairs for all Insurance Companies and individuals alike. We do not appear on any of the Insurance Companies approved repairer schemes because we feel a repair should be carried out on the basis of a quality job done for a fare price.

Repairers who sign up to the Scheme have to carry out the repairs at the price the Insurance Company dictate and in return the Insurance Company will send more jobs their way. The price offered by the insurance company often means the quality of the repair is compromised.

We want to look after our customers needs and do what is best for them. We can inform you of your legal rights i.e. like did you know that you can have your car repaired at a dealer nominated by yourself and the Insurance Company do not have the right to tell you where you must go?

We can offer the use of a loan car and deal with your Insurance Company direct to agree repair costs. All too often we see customers who have had a repair carried out by the Insurers Approved Body shop and are unhappy with either the quality or the process, so make sure if you are ever in need speak to us on:

High Wycombe 01494 479700
Marlow 01628 890101

Accident repairs

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Top Tips for checking tyre pressures correctly

1. Check your tyre pressure at least once a month.

2. Tyre pressure should be checked against the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended level. This can be found in the vehicle handbook and on a plate which is often located inside the fuel filler flap or on the driver’s door sill.

3. Check the pressure when tyres are cold (i.e. when you have travelled less than two miles).

4. If you are carrying a full load of passengers or luggage or will be towing a trailer or caravan, tyre pressures should be increased in line with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Details can be found in the handbook.

5. Ensure a reliable and accurate pressure gauge is used.

6. Check the pressure in all four tyres not forgetting to check the spare tyre as well.

7. While checking pressures, give the rest of the tyre a visual inspection. Remove any stones and other objects embedded in the tread. Look out for any bulges, lumps or cuts.

8. If you are unsure on any aspect of tyre pressure or tyre condition take your vehicle to an approved fitting centre and speak to the experts.

Monday, October 6, 2008

'GO AHEAD' save up to £2650 on a new Peugeot!

With the new ’58 registration plate now available, we are giving our customers the green light to make some impressive savings on selected Peugeot models.

From 1st October 2008 for 20 days, customers can ‘Go Ahead’ and benefit from great savings on selected Peugeot models. We're also giving customers the chance to win a luxury family holiday worth £2,500 if they take a test drive in any Peugeot model during this time.

Savings on offer include £1,000 off a brand new nippy 107 Urban Lite, £2,050 off a dynamic 207 S or £2,650 off a super stylish 308 Sport.

Showcasing Peugeot’s reputation for value and excellence, the 107 Urban Lite enjoys excellent fuel efficiency, achieving 61 mpg on a combined cycle and falls into the lowest vehicle excise duty band, which requires road tax of just £35.

With a fully adjustable driving position, impressive power steering and a slick gear change, the 207 S provides an exceptional ride, featuring air conditioning, six air bags, front fog lights and electric front windows.

Proving to be a hit with our customers since it was launched last year, the 308 Sport offers excellent drivability, comfort and style, featuring cruise control, full body-coloured exterior and a radio and CD player with MP3 playback.

With 20 days to save on a brand new Peugeot and a fantastic family holiday up for grabs, now is the ideal time to visit Platts and take a test drive in one of these superb vehicles, whether you are looking for your first car or something suitable for the family.”

‘Go Ahead’ and save this October. For further information or to book a test drive, contact us on 01494 479700 or visit the dealership on London Road.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

FREE Tyre & Lights Check

We are supporting National Tyre Safety Month by offering FREE tyre checks during October. In addition, as we start into longer nights, we will also check your lights are working as well; when was the last time you checked you rear lights?

Not only are correctly inflated tyres a matter of safety, they also reduce your carbon emissions and save you money; by reducing tyre wear and minimising the amount of fuel you use.

It is also important to regularly check the tread depths of your tyres. Firstly, because stopping distances increase significantly on wet roads as the tread depths reach the legal minimum, but secondly, uneven wear could be a sign of a need to check and adjust the tracking or an indication of a geometry problem; the cause of which requires further investigation.